5 Reasons Why Artists View the World Differently

November 10, 2015 Uncategorized

1 – They see things in Pantones

Ever wonder why artists can re-create things so perfectly, it’s because they break down images while they view them, seeing things in pantones and shades.

To an artist there are thousands of colors in these pictures, not just a few, it’s overwhelming and awesome all at the same time!



2- To them Light is Painfully Beautiful 

Light makes their soul sing, it also gives life to inanimate objects and makes things oh so beautiful, with the right light, anything can be art, to an artist.


3- They See Magic in the Mundane

A chainlink fence, A cloud of cigarette smoke – freekin beautiful



4- They appreciate the little things

If you go for a walk on a rainy day with an artist, be prepared to stop constantly as they marvel over the color scheme of a leaf,  the latte art the barista created in their coffee, or the breathtaking colors in this seasons heirloom tomatoes.  At times it can be annoying, especially if you have somewhere to go, but isn’t it beautiful to appreciate the little things!



5- They Make Others Happy 

The best thing about viewing the world as an artist is that you can share your appreciation for these things with others, sharing happiness in turn! Who doesn’t like to be inspired, and artists or artistic people always love to share their artistic love.