See Whatever You Want To See

December 4, 2014 advertising 0 Comments

Ah,  Leo Burnett  you’ve done it again.  The Toronto based ad agency gets to take the cake when it comes to creating clever and addictive ad campaigns for clients from Jeep to Earls.  The brainchildren behind the Always,  #likeagirl  campaign and the ikea #houserules campaign has created this visually mouthwatering escheresque “see whatever you want to see” creation.  And we are pretty impressed.


animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-3 animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-4 animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-2 animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-1 animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-5 animal-optical-illusion-jeep-advertisement-leo-burnett-6