Pantone Party

August 26, 2016 Uncategorized

It’s no secret; designers and Pantones go together like bloggers and selfie sticks; I personally lust over pantone themed mugs; the pantones of the year, and can spend HOURS deciding on the perfect pantone for a project or product I’m working on.

It’s funny; I’m not typically one to assign meaning to something so small as a one percentile difference in Cyan; but with Pantones; the smallest change, makes the biggest difference.

Fun Fact; Pantone was recently purchased for 180 Million dollars; so I’m not the only one who knows the importance of printing the perfect pantone!  The company started in the 1950’s in none other than NYC and has a familiar start up story:   Two brothers in the advertising industry hire a color scientiest to systemize colour; the scientist ends up buying the systems he invents from the brothers, making millions and re-naming the project “Pantone”

And finally; here are some fun artistic interpretations of Pantones by artist Marie Marie




Confetti Holographic Glitter