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Designer’s are buzzing with this year’s latest trend: NEON

The boldest most daring side of the color wheel is jumping into the forefront this year for the first time well, since, ever.

Also categorized as “Fluor” (short for fluorescent, get with the program) these bright colors, large scale typography and unlikely combos definitely pack a punch, and in the digital world where every day is the equivalent to a real world year every punch counts.

The trend is popping up everywhere from Awwwards to Apple, and we are LOVIN IT!

“Think bold, graphical and intentional. We’re talking vibrant, unexpected colours, contrasted with subdued and muted environments; large-scale typography, soft directional lighting and shadow; the use of responsive design best practices; and meaningful motion – carefully choreographed animation that provides fluid, seamless touch transitions and, more importantly, delights users.” –