Level Up Van

October 1, 2015 Uncategorized

Last night’s Level Up Van, put on by Vancouver Tech Success Story Plenty of Fish, was a breath of fresh air in the now Tech Hub of Canada that is Vancouver.

With renowned speakers praising the tech start up environment emerging in our city,  inspiration and optimism were a welcomed common theme.

My personal favourite part of the evening took place when three local start up’s pitched their ideas to these veteran business minds, sharing new tech ideas from air B&B spin offs, to heathy living meets tech innovations.

Like many I went to learn and was pleasantly surprised that the common lessons learned were not elusive codes that had yet to be cracked, but more so common business practices praised and pinpointed from this panel of greats:

Set goals, stick to them

Use Traction and Bullseye methods to determine your growth strategy.

Challenge your rules

Company culture is key

Never sell yourself Short

Stay focused

Things move quickly in the tech world, the metaphor of the hamster on the treadmill was mentioned more than once, but by keeping your finger on the pulse and using innovation as your differentiator can provide any tech start up the shot at multi million dollar success.

– Steph