Introducing our 5 Step Website in a Week

Introducing our new 5 step Website in a Week Service – only from Art Tribe Creative.

Starting at only $950*  (including logo design & brand voice consultations) we will hook you up with an epic  5 page site, fast..

How are we able to turn out something fast, good AND cheap you ask?   Well we have harnessed the power that is a professional design team, meets DIY website builder; creating a process perfect for new business owners.

I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I have met who have spent MONTHS trying to get their DIY website just right, but still ending up unhappy with the design, lack of brand clarity,  no logo and problems getting found by google.

To be frank using a DIY site builder when you aren’t a designer is just like to doing your own hair; sure you CAN buy that $3 box die from the drug store, or you could pay a professional to do an instagram worthy bolliage, and save yourself the time – time you should be spending on getting your business rollin!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 –  Vision Meeting & Brand Consultation

This is how we begin every project; by learning about your business; your vision, the clients you want to attract, and what you think is beautiful. From there we know exactly what direction to go in to create a brand & site for you that you love love love!  Note* This step involves creating a pinterest board – FUN!

Step 2 – Logo Design 

Our Logo Design Process consists of 3 steps.  Step 1, we sketch 6 concepts, you pick one; Step 2 we create 6 black and white concepts, you pick 1; Step 3 We create 3 Color mock up’s you pick one and VOILA!  You officially have a logo.  We also hook you up with all logo design files; afterall it is YOUR logo!

Step 3 – Content Curation

The key to a great website is to keep it simple; during this stage we will help you curate your content for this 5 page masterpeice, helping you pick and choose what information is needed, and what facts you should save for later on in your sales process.

Step 4 – Website Design 

Now that we have your logo, vision board, content and brand voice we set to work, creating a professional website for you within 2 business days.  How do we work so fast?  DIY Site builders keep professional designers in mind; and use a lot of the same shortcuts as our design programs, so we can jump right in full speed ahead!

Step 5- Final Meeting & Tutorial

The BEST part about using a DIY platform is that once we’re done our work, we will hand the keys over to you and give you a tutorial about how to make tasteful changes and updates in the future!

Check out our Website in a Week Work in the Gallery Below!

So there you have it; that’s how it works, now what are you waiting for?

Drop us a line today to book a free consultation.

  • Price does not include DIY Website service & hosting fees.



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