My Darling Charmaine

October 23, 2014 artists 0 Comments

Do you remember that magical moment?

It’s similar to falling in love, or hearing a song you know will mark the soundtrack of your life.

Discovering your favourite artist.

A savoury experience undefinable by any one emotion.  You feel as if the universe found it just for you and placed it in your wake.

A moment to cherish.

That moment happened to me not to long ago in my west end village of Vancouver BC.  I was visiting the local art store when I saw her.

Her name as Ophelia and she was beautiful, strong and unlike another.


I asked the owner of the store to tell me the artists name.  Charmaine Olivia he said. The perfect name for a new found obsession, and I was hooked.

Upon arriving back at my apartment I began my search.  Image by image I fell in love with her work.

 It had happened to me, and it was epic.

Charmain_Olivia_Space_Art_Tribe Charmaine_Olivia_Art_Tribe

Ophelia now hangs in my office, a reminder of that excitement that the world sometimes brings you when you least expect it.   Since being introduced to Charmaine Olivia’s work I have also been introduced to many other artists, the my life has gained a little more sparkle.

Check out all of her work here.