December 5, 2017 Case Studies

Responsive website design for an Organic Farm in Langley, BC;


The Goal:

Campbell Valley Farms is an organic farm who specialize in nutrient dense farming and agricultural practices.  They wanted to build a website that would showcase their dedication to sustainable farming; as well as invite potential clients to join their CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture ) Program.


The Challenge:

Campbell Valley Farms had a lot to share; and they wanted to do so through resourceful links, images, videos and informational write ups.  They wanted their CSA program to be the main feature, while keeping the website clean, visual and easy to navigate.

The Solution:

We decided to divide the website into sections that help people navigate seamlessly, while enforcing sign up to their CSA program on every page.  We chose Home, About Us, Practices, Resources, CSA and Contact.  We chose to filled each page with a balance of bright images and white space.  This organic farming website design worked great.


Services We Offered:

We had a great time designing and building this responsive website design for an organic farm.  Here are the services we provided for this client:

-We created a brand concept for this client, helping them decide on a colour pallet, and consistent imagery by creating the vision board below

-We helped the client curate information through consulting, and built a website that featured UX communicative design to help promote their message

-We build a responsive and desktop friendly website for this organic farm that included a call to action to fit their needs.

-We helped the client set up social media page; and created banners for those pages and link pages




Check out their website here!