December 15, 2015 business

Hi everyone; it’s Steph here from Art Tribe Creative

Like so many others in this tech hub that is Vancity I am an entrepreneur; having created Art Tribe Creative just under a year ago from my Stanley Park side studio.

Being an entrepreneur is tricky business; you wear a lot of different hats; but the most important chapeau of all is the one that helps achieve balance and inspiration.

Today I want to share with you how I entrepreneur and some super cool resources that inspire me every day.



I know meditation has a reputation for being something hippies and monks do, but it’s honestly the backbone of balance for me.

Now I’m as ADD as the rest of us GenYer’s so don’t get me wrong, meditating does not have to be an hour long marathon, but a 5-10 minute daily ritual helps me stay focused, calm and clear headed.

I recently downloaded and the iphone app “breath” placing it in prime iphone real estate  (replacing my e-mail)

It’s fantastic and even rewards you with stickers, so you have to check it out.



The internet is a fabulous place to get inspired, linking us to artists and coaches world wide.

I subscribe to a number of newsletters and youtube channels that notify me via my e-mail inbox daily.

One of my favourite youtube channels is that of Marie Forleo, with fun and topical youtube video’s weekly helping inspire creativity and productivity.

Who are you’re online hero’s?



Every entrepreneur needs a community, whether it’s a small group of friends who meet monthly to chat about challenges, or a local organization that supports local entrepreneurs.  I’m a member of a few of these communities, and being a female entrepreneur opens up even more doors- so if you are looking for some support I recommend you check out the links below.

WIB – Great resources and networks for women

FWE – A community of female entrepreneurs who put on workshops and network

Loco – A members only organization supporting local business and business owners

The Hive – A fab office space and great place to meet other like minded individuals

She Says ShopTalk – Epic pannel discussions to inspire creative entrepreneurs

Futurepreneur  – A resource for entrepreneurs providing mentors and grants – I did my mentorship with them and got to be mentored by the fabulous Megan from Narrative Communications

Feisty Feast – Dine with like minded ladies and get inspired

We must nurture the garden that is our mind, or as I like to say, brainwash yourself to believe you can do anything!  First it feels like a brainwash, but if you trick yourself for long enough, eventually you really believe it!
Here are some must reads to end the crippling self doubt Artists and Entrepreneurs love to suffer from.
Think And Grow Rich – To make you feel like a superhero
Big Magic  – For a creative kick in the pants
An Astronauts Guide to Life – Because holy crap
The Four Agreements – To be a better person
Light is the New Black – I just bought this book, but reviews say it’s amazing!
Just because you own your own business does not mean you have to be available 24/7.  It’s necessary that you designate yourself days off, phone off and e-mail off times just like any other business, trust me, your clients will understand.
Maybe it’s ok to work weekends, but at 7pm your no longer available, as long as you are honest with your clients, and ensure they are not dealing with an emergency they will totally understand if business hours are to resume as usual the next day.