5 reasons NOT to make a DIY website

February 10, 2016 Uncategorized

1- You may lose clients

Our society is based on first impressions; so if you really weren’t able to make the site look as professional as you wanted,  potential clients may assume you, in turn, are not professional, that you don’t really care.  So ask yourself, is saving money worth your reputation? What about potential clients?  I think not.

2- You won’t be in love with it. 

There are a lot of awesome resources out there to help people create DIY websites; and for simple websites like blogs or test businesses, they are great; and some look really nice; but if you want something custom, professional and EXACTLY what you pictured; you will have to manipulate those templates using code, or graphic design; and if you don’t know how to code html, please don’t try.

3- It is not free, not even close.

Building your own site does not make it free; aside from the built in costs like hosting, and templates building your own site will cost you TIME, and probably a lot more than you expected.

The worst part of it all that you may not be spending time; but wasting it. I have had several clients who purchased themes in wordpress, and spent weeks fighting with their computers, trying to get them to look the way they wanted but in the end they had to hire a pro.  The lesson?  Time is money, so don’t waste your time doing something you don’t really know how to do.

 4- It’s complicated;  and you’re gunna need some help. 

Building a website is never just that; there are technical issues that can come along with it; like mail problems, plug in updates, malware and hacks.

Personally I don’t even like dealing with technical issues, they are stressful and I’m not an expert; so I found an expert. A reliable tech support company who helps my clients for free and provides wicked fast hosting, I bet wix doesn’t offer that.

5- No one will have your back

If my clients are unhappy, I’m unhappy.  If my clients want something changed, adjusted or removed.  No problem.  In the wild world of the internet, you need somebody to have your back.  That is why you should hire a designer who loves what they do!

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