10 Artful Dishes That Will Make You Swoon.

July 28, 2016 Uncategorized

Food is beautiful;  the deep red shades of a heritage tomato; and the dizzying symmetry of an orange slice.  The hues, and textures can inspire colour pallets that are to die for, and make you drool.  Here are some of my favourite most beautiful dishes, that remind me to always look for the beauty in everything.


these breathtaking hues on the same spectrum of the colour wheel.


smoothypretty 2

the symmetry and that blue!

spread beauty 2

the haphazard placement that makes the dish feel alive.

taste the rainbow 2

A display of the many beautiful bright colours found in our food.


This skillet that looks like a picasso.


This dish that hosts the most beautiful shades of deep reds I ever did see


The simplicity and presentation of this artful taster

desert 2

That deep purple melting into white and creating bright violet tones.

FlowerDrink 2

This edible masterpeice of glass, flowers and beauty harvest 2

This breakfast dish that screams “harvest”